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15 Ridge Rd,  Avondale, Harare, Zimbabwe

15 Ridge Rd, Avondale, Harare, Zimbabwe

We offer high quality training in Mobile Data Collection using Open data Kit (ODK). ODK is a set of open source applications that include ODK Build, ODK collect, ODK Aggregate, and ODK Briefcase. These tools run on Android devices allowing users to seamlessly collect, store, and view the aggregated information online and offline. ODK allows users to collect several data types, that includes text, integers, images, geopoints, barcode scanning, and also integrates with Third Party Apps.


We offer training from beginner, intermediate to advanced ODK programming. Our training is aimed at equipping users with practical skills for programming on ODK. We focus on developing and deploying forms using the XLSFORMS and this provide a clear and logical way of building smaller to complex forms. Our team is comprised of expert Social Researchers and we focus on programming to address practical challenges and we use programming as a tool to solve daily problems in data collection and management for decision making.


To develop participants’ skills in ODK programming and to ensure they can adapt the principles in every work situations.


No prior experience in ODK is required.


Our training program is available upon request. In general, the training is conducted over 5 days.


Flexible and this can be arranged depending on the client’s needs.


The course is organized in modules and each module covers reasonable content to enable participants to connect and progress successively in the next modules.  Module 1: Introduction to mobile phone data collection. Modules 2: Setting up aggregate server with Google App Engine. Module 3: Designing and building a form using ODK build. Module 4: Uploading the form to aggregate and send to android phone. Module 5:  Setting server preference on android phone. Module 6: Data collection; enter field primary data, capture GPS coordinates, take photos, record audio sounds and videos and videos. Module 7: Submitting completed data to aggregate server. Module 8: Exporting data from ODK aggregate as CSV.  Module 9: Importing ODK-CSV file into statistical applications. Module 10: Exporting GPS data for Mapping/Visualizing (fusion map).


By the end of the course, the participant should be able to:

Develop an XLSFORM and translate paper surveys into electronic forms

Set up ODK server

Upload and download data using online and offline tools

Build logics and advanced skips (including indexed repeat functions).